Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Mobile Release Date

May 15, 2023

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In-App Purchases

Yes, Unlock Extra Features

Controller Support FAQ

YES Controller Support Is Enabled By Default

Dpad Up
Dpad Down
Dpad Left
Dpad Right
Left Thumbstick LeftRun Left
Left Thumbstick RightRun Right
Left Thumbstick UpGo Up
Left Thumbstick DownCrouch
Click Left Thumbstick (L3)
Right Thumbstick LeftCursor Position
Right Thumbstick RightCursor Position
Right Thumbstick UpCursor Position
Right Thumbstick DownCursor Position
Click Right Thumbstick (R3)
Left ShoulderOpen Book
Left TriggerOpen Book
Right ShoulderGrab Object
Right TriggerGrab Object
PlayStation Dualshock 4
Dualsense (PS5)
Not Assigned

This game only has one controller layout.

Game Notes

Dpad Finder doesn’t have extra notes for this game.

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More About Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Publisher: PID Games

Developer: Sketchbook Games | Fourth State

Network Connection: Offline

Game Modes: Single Player (offline)

Cloud Saves: iOS Cloud/Apple Arcade, Google Play Games

What is Lost Words: Beyond the Page?

Featuring an immersive story crafted by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett, Lost Words: Beyond the Page will mesmerize players with its unique blend of gameplay mechanics and striking watercolor aesthetic. Driven by the player’s curiosity, the world of Estoria and the power it holds will serve as the engine that will propel Izzy through this deeply personal narrative, resulting in a truly memorable experience.

Where Can I Play Lost Words: Beyond the Page?

Download from the App Store

Download from the Google Play Store

Not Available on App Arcade

Not Available on Google Play Pass

Play on NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Play on Boosteroid

Not Available on the Xbox Cloud

Not Available on Amazon Luna

Not Available on Apple Arcade

Not Available on Google Play Pass

Not Available with Netflix subscription

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